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Hi my name is Jeanine and I would love to care for your pets. A little about me, I’m married, I have a degree and professional background in Forensic Biology/pathology.

While you are away at work, vacation, or anywhere that requires you to be away from home you can trust me to care for your pets as I would my own. My experience as a volunteer dog walker has allowed me the experience to walk both small and large dogs with various temperaments, energy levels and strengths. I also have experience with cats, senior and special needs pets.

I am very patient and able to understand your pet’s needs. If it’s a belly rub, long walks, jog, fetch, or a simple nap in my lap I’m there to ensure your pet is comfortable while your away.

I also am a certified groomer,so not only can I care for your pet, I can also meet any grooming requests or needs.

I’m also available to retrieve mail, switch lights, and make sure your house is as you left it upon your departure.

I’m also comfortable with home alarm systems.

For inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and possibly caring for your furry family member!

I offer pet services in Somerset county

Serving Bridgewater, Raritan,Somerville, Hillsborough, Manville, Belle Meade and Montgomery.

Why did I get started in pet services?

Five years ago, I decided to enroll into grooming school, because as a Shih Tzu owner, I was rarely satisfied with the grooms my dogs received. 

If you own a dog with a lot of hair you know my pain. With Shih Tzus it’s all about the round clean face and popping those big bug eyes! After becoming frustrated with paying $60-70 per dog, and never being fully satisfied, I decided to give grooming a shot. Surprisingly, I had a knack for it, who knew!

My own dogs and dogs of relatives and friends soon became both my guinea pigs and clients as I perfected my craft.

Grooming became more than a hobby for me as the years passed and transitioned into a very rewarding and fun way to supplement my income.

In January 2015, I began volunteering at the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter walking dogs, cleaning, and hanging out with the dogs there. As, I showed up regularly to volunteer my time I became acquainted with staff and regular volunteers and I offered to groom and it was and still is an amazing experience! Being a part of taking an already adorable scruffy pup and grooming them and seeing their transformation is such an indescribable feeling. To see their little eyes brighten with joy, tails wagging and trotting confidently after being groomed confirms that they know they look good and definitely feel good! Then to see pictures soon after of their adoptions, just warms my heart! To think something as simple as a snip here and there plays such a significant part in providing happy endings for homeless pets  is remarkable.

In the fall of 2015, I founded JayDee’s Pet Services. I provided not only grooming services, but also pet sitting and dog walking. To my surprise requests and referrals came pouring in for my services!

Everything happened so fast I could barely keep up! During that time I decided to go with the flow and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve met so many awesome canine and feline personalities and their awesome humans! 

Each day I look forward to meeting my furry customers! Being greeted with tail wags, purrs, and cute faces and paws pressed against windows awaiting my arrival is the best feeling ever. My job providing pet services is both fun and rewarding, I enjoy it and my clients bring so much joy to my life.

Do I have pets?

Yes, I sure do: I have  3 Shih Tzus and 1 Dachshund whom recently crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of 18.

RIP Hershey 🌈 9-8-16

JayDee Pets